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Alcohol and Xanax: What Happens When They Mix?

Alcohol, along with Xanax (alprazolam) is a legally-legal substance. Both are addictive drugs. In 2020 more than sixty millions Americans had consumed alcohol. The same year, 4.8 million Americans took prescription benzodiazepines such as Xanax.

Drinking alcohol or Xanax can be dangerous and may result in death. According to an CDC report deaths and non-fatal doses of benzodiazepines like Xanax have increased by 24% between the years 2019 and 2020. More deaths were caused by overdoses due to alcohol, which increased by 25% over the same time. Although taking Xanax or alcohol on its own isn’t a risk, mixing these substances could dramatically increase danger. Combining them can also increase the risk of suffering from chronic psychological and physical health issues.

Why Do People Mix Alcohol and Xanax?

Some people take Xanax for drinking alcohol to achieve “more of a good thing.” Both Xanax and alcohol are depressants. They may reduce the central nervous system (CNS) functions by increasing the brain’s gamma aminobutyric acids (GABA). GABA can be described as a neurotransmitter which helps people feel relaxed and calm through reducing the activity in the CNS. GABA is also a wonderful sleep aid.

Each of Xanax and alcohol can help you relax and feel less anxious. Certain people might mix Xanax in conjunction with alcohol to boost the benefits. However, it’s a dangerous mix. Combining alcohol and Xanax could be challenging and possibly dangerous.

Dangers of Mixing Xanax and Alcohol

A combination between Xanax and alcohol can make you feel more relaxed and less anxious. Some people consume Xanax together with alcohol to enhance the benefits. However, it could be a dangerous combination. Combining buying xanax online and alcohol can be challenging and even hazardous.

Physical Side Effects of Mixing Alcohol and Xanax

Slow breathing

Heart rate decreases

Motor coordination may be more efficient. There is a slowing in development of abilities.


Vision blurred

Speech slurred


Overdoses resulting from Xanax and alcohol



Behavioral Health Side Effects of Mixing Alcohol and Xanax

Memory impairment

Unusual behavior





The reason why mixing alcohol and Xanax is dangerous is due to the potential for respiratory suppression. Since these substances can alter the central nervous system when paired in conjunction with alcohol could reduce your breathing to the point where you may overdose or even go into cardiac arrest.

The amount you must drink to suffer from an alcohol Xanax overdose will depend on your general health and physical well-being. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact time it occurs. It’s not difficult to drink excess quantities of Xanax or alcohol due to the effects they have on your memory. It’s possible to forget you had taken Xanax and then take it again or consume more alcohol than you normally.

Long-Term Effects of Xanax and Alcohol Abuse

Additionally, there is the chance of dying or overdose out of the possibility of an overdose, Alcohol and Xanax usage could have long-lasting negative impacts on your mental and physical health. If you mix them you are at risk of suffering the adverse effects of both.

The long-term risks associated with drinking alcohol and Xanax consumption include:


Drinking Xanax or alcohol may cause total dependence. The body and brain get used to these substances inside your body. This can lead to changes in the balance of chemicals within your brain. Central nervous systems could depend on them for certain functions. As your body gets more capable, it will develop withdrawal symptoms, which can be experienced after stopping taking Xanax or alcohol.

Cognitive Issues

Every Xanax as well as alcohol, has been found to alter cognitive processes. They can affect:

Memory that lasts for a long time and short-term


Spatial recognition

Liver Problems

The majority of people know that alcohol can harm your liver. However, over time, regular Xanax consumption could alter liver’s functions. Xanax can increase liver enzymes that can result in liver inflammation and damage to the tissues. If you combine both drugs together with each other, the harm to the liver could be more grave.

Mental Health Disorders

Alcohol and Xanax alter neurotransmitters responsible to:

How you conduct yourself and how you feel



In time, they’ll reduce the quantity of chemicals that boost our moods and control the nervous system. This can cause depression and anxiety-related symptoms.

Poorer Quality of Life

There is no way to differentiate the consequences of addiction from the consequences of drinking or using drugs. The consequences of both substances impact all aspects of your life. Your relationships are turbulent. You’re not performing as well at school or work. There’s a chance that you’ll face legal or financial issues as a result of your decisions made while drinking and being influenced by drugs or alcohol. Your choices affect your overall happiness and your overall wellbeing.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Alcohol and Xanax

If you’ve been drinking either alcohol or buy xanax online for a while and you’re feeling withdrawal when you stop using these drugs. Users who are using Xanax with a prescription for a long time are required to gradually eliminate themselves from the significance. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms and other substances may affect the brain and body. They can be affected by things like:

This is the substance(s) that you’re employing

How many years do you have been drinking alcohol and/or drugs? or alcohol?

How much alcohol and/or drugs do you drink?

Your physical health

Co-occurring mental health disorders

Medical illnesses coexist


Alcohol or Xanax withdrawal can be compared to the process of detoxing from other medications for depression. There are withdrawal symptoms that can occur and Xanax withdrawal symptoms more frequently than when detoxing from one or all of the drugs.

Central Nervous System is adjusting to a lack of these substances. You may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms such as:

Trouble breathing

Heartbeats that are fast or rapid





Tingling in extremities

High blood pressure

The sweat and chills



Delirium tremens



Confusion loss


Do You Need Medical Detox for Alcohol and Xanax?

The most dangerous substances that you should eliminate is alcohol. It is not recommended to quit drinking alcohol on your own. It is not a common practice people have died of the effects of alcohol withdrawal. Xanax withdrawal symptoms aren’t as severe as those of alcohol withdrawal. If you are combining the two substances, it’s suggested to undergo medical detox. The process of detoxification, which has many reasons, is more challenging. Only a doctor will be able to determine the most safe and effective treatment for your specific situation.

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