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Victorian Front Doors

Renovating Your Home? Here’s Some Doors to Add That X-factor

Doors are a pivotal part of our house which acts as a barrier at the entrance to the building’s rooms and other spaces. Just like windows connect you with the outer world the doors protect you from the pangs of the outer world. Different kinds of doors exist, such as the very popular Victorian Front Doors, and patio doors, which can be installed at the back side of the house. These different kinds of doors have different usages. In this article, we shall be exploring different kinds of doors that you can install at the back and front of your house. 

Doors you can install in your home

Front doors

We will start off with the different kinds of front doors you can install in your house. Keep in mind that the choice depends on your location, weather, type of house, and your personal aesthetic.

Victorian front door 

A very prominent feature of the Victorian front doors is their extremely elegant architecture. This is a perfect and classic example of Victorian and Edwardian stained glass. These have a very durable finish and have several kinds of accessories like a doorbell and door banger. 

Glass front doors

Unlike your Victorian front doors, these front doors are primarily made of glass and create a bold statement, letting in all the natural light. You can enjoy the entire sunlight and outside scenery without the insects and the outside nuisances creating a scene. These come in different styles. However, these have a privacy issue as they are transparent, however, there are curtains to cover them.

Doors with glass panels

This is suggestive of its name, where there are doors and windows however there are bordered and stream, lined by glass windows. These are a perfect front door option who are fond of wood but do not want Victorian front doors, however, the statement of glass is their ideal demand. 

Speakeasy doors

These front doors are not anything close to your Victorian front doors. these are primarily known for their metal grate over the opening. The window is at the eye-level which makes it a perfect match for greeting visitors and checking on someone who you feel is suspicious. The metal grate is one similarity with the Victorian front doors as the former has a similar door accessory. 

Double door

These kinds of front doors are known for their double-sided opening clause. They have numerous elegance attached to them and are more demanding to the eye’s attention. You can consider these doors in case you are looking forward to something functional and versatile. These types of doors can be found in a variety of materials including wood, steel, fiberglass, and glass.

Solid wood door 

These front doors are those which are solely made of wood, these are often disappointing as they are simply flat and have nothing to do with anything fancy. However, they resemble the classic Victorian Front Doors because they are as old as these and there are certain similarities in the architectural underpinnings for these doors. 

Back doors 

Moving on to back doors, there are many types you can pick from, depending on what you are looking for.

Patio doors 

These are not anything close to the patio doors as they are primarily known for their sliding attribution. This can be said that these are a wonderful way to open the door and let the light, and fresh air in the house. These are usually installed in the back of the houses, especially those areas where you have a garden. 

French doors 

Unlike the patio doors, these French doors are those that are made of two-hinged doors. these are as same as the regular. Double entry door and resemble the two full-size glassed. However, just like the patio doors, these French doors are those which come in different shapes and sizes. 

Sliding patio doors

This type of sliding patio door is one which only opens horizontally. These are usually made of vinyl with large glass and sliding screens. 

Dutch doors 

These are like your usual patio doors which are useful for the rear of the house they are grouped in the center and allow the possibility of opening the parts at different times, while the others remain locked and intact. One specialty of this kind of back patio door which can allow a lot of air and sunlight into the house. So if you are living in typically warm places in Ireland, then this is the perfect option for your house. For these, you can seek help from the professionals for this or any kind of doors for that matter. 

Wrapping up 

Before this article, we never thought about doors so seriously, but we are here to help. Above there are several kinds of doors like Victorian Front Doors and patio back doors. Each has its specialty and features, read above and see which one is your perfect fit. 

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