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Year-Round Bliss: Waterproofing Strategies For Your Santa Monica Deck

Year-Round Bliss: Waterproofing Strategies for Your Santa Monica Deck

Decks can offer you bliss all year, but these beacons of light can become a hassle if they are not waterproofed. Deck waterproofing may seem quite a simple task, but it can change the course of your structure’s life either in a positive or negative direction, depending on whether you decide to go for it or not. 

So, if you are in Santa Monica scratching your head over which renovation process can fix and maintain your deck, waterproofing is the answer to all your queries. And you don’t have to do them yourself: waterproofing deck in Santa Monica can be as simple as calling on professionals and handing your deck over to their experienced hands. 

But even if you do not undertake it yourself, you should know the most effective waterproofing strategies that can work the best for your Santa Monica deck. Let’s get learning! 

Taking The Water Test 

Deck waterproofing may seem simple, but how do you know your deck needs a new coat? The answer is easy: taking the water test. The water test is one of the most straightforward ways to determine whether your deck is lacking energy and requires the strength of waterproofing. This holds especially true for wooden decks, which require a new layer of waterproofing sealant once a year.

So what is the water test? All you need to do is pour a couple drops of water onto your deck and wait a few moments to check whether it soaks into the structure. If your answer is yes, your deck needs a new waterproofing layer. If the water stays put, congratulations! You have been taking great care of your deck and do not need to undertake any renovation procedures at the moment. 

The water test is a reliable indicator of your deck’s waterproofing needs and works better than marking your calendar and counting the days you got your last waterproofing layer. 

Budget Planning 

One of the most apparent strategies when waterproofing your deck is to look into your budget and determine your spending limit. This will help you decide whether to go for a DIY waterproofing method or call a couple of professionals for the job. The latter is advisable since it can provide you with a flawless finish that does not exhibit signs of a job poorly done. 

This step also requires you to factor in the type and material of your deck, its dimensions, depth, and a rough account of the labor requirements. All of these factors can significantly alter your budget. 

A sensible option is to put a little money in a jar every month for renovations, as it will save you from tipping into your savings account. 

Waterproofing Before Or After The Rainy Season 

One of the biggest blunders homeowners make when waterproofing their deck is suddenly deciding to apply a waterproofing layer during the rainy season. Although taking immediate action after seeing rainwater soak into your deck’s structure can be compelling, it is critical to take hold of yourself and understand that doing this is not right. 

Since some water and moisture have already seeped into your deck, waterproofing it without letting it try can do the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve: it can capture water inside your deck and seal the external layer, thereby preventing sunlight into your deck. The result is accumulated water inside your deck’s structure with a waterproofing layer on top. Even the thought is too uncomfortable to talk about! 

So make sure that you either waterproof your deck a couple days before the rainy season begins or wait for your deck to dry and the water to evaporate before picking up the sealant. 

If You Have A Wooden Deck, You Must Be Good With Numbers 

Wooden decks have an exceptional visual appeal, but they are the most challenging kind to take care of. So if you have a wooden deck, it is essential to factor in its age when considering waterproofing. 

Fresh and new wooden decks are prone to water absorption, which leaves them unable to soak in the sealant at the rate you would want them to. It may take around three to twelve months for your wooden deck to completely dry! 

So while it is commendable to think about waterproofing your deck at the first chance you get, there are some instances when it is necessary to wait lest you damage your brand-new structure. 

Prepare For Waterproofing 

Deck waterproofing is not as uneventful as just popping open a bucket of sealant and starting painting. It requires adequate preparation, which includes a deep clean and at least 72 hours of drying time for all the moisture to evaporate from the structure. 

Summing Up 

Deck waterproofing is one of the most straightforward renovation processes that can benefit your deck the most. So make sure you keep these strategies in view and undertake this process if you haven’t already! 

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