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What is DTG Printing? How is the DTG printing process?

Children’s concept of beauty develops day by day and we are becoming more and more careful in dressing. A beautiful shirt is not enough now, but it also needs to be sophisticated, unique and eye-catching. DTG printing technology was born to satisfy human creativity and beauty thinking. So what is DTG printing? What advantages does DTG printing bring and how does the t-shirt printing process work?

What is DTG Printing?

DTG stands for Direct to Garment. So what is DTG? What is Direct to Garment Printing?

When translating Direct to Garment, it means printing directly on the garment. This is the latest technology of direct digital printing on clothes. DTG printing is known as an upgraded version of digital printing on paper. That is, instead of the image being printed on paper, it will be printed on the fabric and there is no difference in quality. We are the best service providers of Direct to garment printing in Dallas.

By DTG printing method, the image will be printed directly onto the fabric using specialized water-jet printing technology to help create quality products with beautiful colors and much more durability than conventional conventional methods. 

Today, DTG printing technology is increasingly popular, DTG printed shirts, DTG printed pants have won the trust of sustainable fashion connoisseurs.

What are the advantages of DTG printing?

Despite being a new technology, DTG has quickly captured a large market share in the garment printing industry. Why is this t-shirt printing technique so popular and people choose? So, why do so many businesses choose dtg printing? What is the highlight compared to other printing technologies of dtg printing?

DTG printing can print up to 16 million colors

Are you too surprised? With modern DTG printing technology can print up to 16 million colors. This allows you to unleash your creativity to create the most unique products, with almost no color limitation with DTG printing technology.

Not only stopping at the number of printed colors, DTG printing on T-shirts can print artistic color transitions, print 3D images with near absolute accuracy. T-shirts printed with DTG always ensure sharpness, vivid, attractive and eye-catching images, which is why garment businesses love this method.

DTG printing has fast print times

In addition to the variety of colors, DTG printing also has an outstanding advantage of saving printing time compared to traditional printing methods. It only takes a few minutes for a t-shirt print product once you have a design. Customers won’t have to wait too long for a product that helps businesses serve and delight more customers.

To compare helps you have a more objective view of the fast printing time of DTG printing. You can compare with silkscreen printing method. With DTG printing, you will not need to use a frame like silk screen printing, this will help reduce the time to complete a product, save labor costs and limit redundancy when the accuracy of DTG printing is very high.

Unlimited number of prints

With the traditional printing method, you need to have a large number of prints to print and get a good price. Then with DTG, you can print from just 1 shirt and still have a good price.

The remarkable advantage of DTG printing is that you are not limited in the number of prints, there is no limit on the number of images, no limit on the size. If you have enough technology, you won’t have any limitations with this optimal method.

Printing DTG on T-shirts helps to reduce costs

For small customers, the cost of printing t-shirts is always a headache. As in silkscreen printing, you have to pay a large fee to make the frame, if you do odd quantities, the cost will be greatly increased. This headache problem can be solved very easily with digital t-shirt printing or dtg printing.

Let me tell you, don’t worry because DTG printing on t-shirts is extremely affordable for small orders. Price is calculated based on cc of ink. Therefore, whether printed with 1 shirt or printed individually, the price is not too expensive. This is also an advantage of DTG printing when you can start with just one product (compared to screen printing you have to start with at least 30-40 products) so you can rest assured about the cost of DTG printing . shirt ! 

Especially if you print in large quantities, the price is still quite good when printing factories often have high discounts with these orders. At the same time, still ensure fast completion time and good quality.

Introducing the most modern DTG shirt printer today – GTX PRO BULK

Known as the vedette in the line of DTG t-shirt printers , the GTX Pro BULK machine is a drastically improved version of its predecessor, Brother from Japan. The GTX Pro BULK series is known as a product line that delivers optimal print performance while still saving costs for users.

Outstanding features of the GTX Pro BULK

After understanding what dtg printing is, which machine is used in printing directly on t-shirts. You must be curious why this machine is so highly rated.

  • Fast printing, less than 2 minutes for a shirt
  • Possessing a dual-sensing system of height for extremely standard printing operations even in difficult places to print DTG such as edges, folds, locks, etc.
  • Print both color ink and white ink at the same time
  • Capable of storing up to 100 designs
  • Prints are durable, proven to meet the standards of the US military
  • The ability to reproduce up to 16 million colors, resolution up to 1200 dpi
  • Save on maintenance costs with an industrial printhead with an integrated ink circulation system that allows ink to flow continuously

DTG t-shirt printing process- the operation process of the GTX PRO BULK . printer

The T-shirt printing process or the operation process of the GTX PRO BULK printer is extremely simple and fast. But still ensure to bring top quality printing. Specifically:

Step 1: Determine the design and product to be printed. For example, you want to print on t-shirts, jackets, hats, canvas bags or need to determine what material to print on. DTG printing for the best quality needs to choose cotton fabric, the fabric should not be mixed with poly.

Step 2: Prepare the design. You need to prepare high-resolution drawings, designed with professional design software. At the same time determine the size and position of the image.

Step 3: The printing workshop conducts processing by heat pressing and spraying pretreatment. The preparatory step makes the fabric surface smoother and helps the ink adhere better.

Step 4: Proceed to print the product using DTG technology.

Step 5: Heat press or dry the product.

Step 6: Finish and pack the product.

Reasons to choose GTX Pro BULK for digital t-shirt printing

The GTX Pro Bulk machine is considered to be the machine for the best print quality today in the digital t-shirt printing industry. The machine is made in Japan, applying the most advanced technology.

The ink used in the printing process is Brother Innobella™ pigment water-based ink. Therefore, always ensure that the ink has bright colors, no color deviation, 1000 shirts for the same quality. 

In particular, the software used is genuine Brother Graphics Lab software. Has a high compatibility with the machine, ensuring the t-shirt printing process without any problems and for good quality and fast time. Also, direct printing can print on many fabrics such as 100% cotton, 65% cotton, felt or on many designs such as T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, cloth hats…

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