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Cardboard Box With Handle

The Ultimate Cardboard Box With Handle Resource

Cardboard Box With Handle are used for a variety of purposes, the most prevalent being the delivery of lightweight, semi-fragile commodities such as canned goods or apparel. However, there has been a recent breakthrough in the domain of corrugated boxes, and variants such as mirror boxes that can help carry fragile objects safely have appeared.

With so many different styles of corrugated boxes on the market, deciding which ones would make the ideal shipping boxes for your items can be difficult. Here is a complete guide on corrugated boxes that will educate you on the various corrugated boxes available.

The Ultimate Cardboard Box With Handle Resource

Here is a full description of corrugated boxes to help you choose the right boxes for shipping based on the things you intend to ship.

Boxes Of Standard Strength

When looking for shipping supplies, many customers underestimate the endurance and strength of basic corrugated boxes. Although these cardboard box with handle appear frail, they can bear weights of up to 40 pounds each box. As a result, these Custom Mailers Boxes are suitable for routine deliveries. The best part is that these boxes may be personalized.

As a result, based on the goods you want to ship, you can build a personalized design and size. When looking for shipping boxes near me, you may come across the following common varieties of corrugated shipping boxes:

Corrugated cube boxes: All sizes of corrugated cube boxes have the same widths, heights, and lengths and can be used to ship a variety of commodities.

Flat shipping boxes are ideal for businesses who sell flat items and have limited storage space.

lengthy shipping boxes: 

Finding the right packaging materials for lengthy objects like curtain rods or umbrellas can be difficult. Because they are customisable, large shipping boxes can be an efficient way to ship narrow or long objects.

White corrugated boxes are great for firms searching for unique shipping boxes to distinguish themselves apart from the competition. These custom mailers boxes are adaptable and have an appealing appearance that appeals to customers and improves the unwrapping experience.

Clothing boxes: Clothing boxes are ideal for moving and garment firms since they may be used to efficiently store, transfer, or ship clothing products.

Storage file boxes: Storage file boxes are an easy way for moving businesses to store or move vital data and papers without worrying about misplacement or damage. These boxes are heavy-duty and come with handle hoes and lids for easy filing and access.

Side loading boxes have a full overlap that gives extra protection and are a good alternative for transporting flat and fragile items such as paintings, mirrors, or frames.

Telescoping box sets are great for delivering long items and sports equipment such as skis and golf clubs.

Wardrobe boxes: Wardrobe boxes with hanging rods are ideal for moving firms or clothing stores that offer designer items. The hanging rods simplify shipping garments and preserve them from damage or creasing.

Multi-depth boxes: These boxes allow you to modify your box without having to order separate sizes. Multi-depth boxes, for example, come with scored intervals that you can easily trim down to reach the necessary size if you need small boxes for shipping.

Insulated shipping boxes: Insulated shipping boxes are made up of two parts: a cover and a foam interior box that helps cushion and protect fragile objects. These custom mailers boxes also have various labels, such as perishable or rush, to let delivery personnel understand that they contain fragile things that should be handled with care.

Heavy-Duty Shipping Containers

For bigger shipping products, fragile items, or storing and moving hefty and easily breakable materials, we recommend utilizing heavy-duty boxes. These boxes are used by movers to effectively relocate large and fragile things. These sturdy boxes include a kraft paper/board exterior or a double-walled corrugated layer. These particulars contribute to the best effective defense against any vibrations or maltreatment that the shipment box may encounter during the delivery procedure.

Depending on the goods you’re delivering, you may wish to utilize one of three different types of heavy-duty shipping boxes:

Heavy-duty single-wall shipping boxes: 

These boxes are great for packing and transporting large and heavy objects such as furniture. Additional corrugation provides adequate protection for some goods that are particularly vulnerable to damage.

Heavy-duty double-walled cardboard box with handle provide an additional complete sheet of corrugation for the best possible protection during shipping. A double-walled shipping box is also ideal for large or delicate items. If you manage a moving company, you may use these boxes to properly store large and heavy objects or to transport clients’ belongings.

Gaylord boxes: Because of their thick covering of corrugated cardboard, Gaylord boxes are perfect for large shipments. The boxes can resist a lot of abuse while still preserving the thing within. These bins can also be used to store inventory. You can also purchase lids for your merchandise if you want to keep it organized and dust-free.

Mailers Made Of Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated mailers come in a variety of forms, styles, and sizes, such as literature mailers, one-piece folders, and side-loading mailers. Because they may be secured without the use of packaging tape, glue, or other adhesives, these mailers serve to simplify the packaging process.

Furthermore, an all-white variant of the mailers adds visual appeal. Mailers are also inexpensive packing supplies, and their lightweight design helps you save money on shipping. 

Here are a few common types of mailers from which to choose:

Literature mailers: If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a boatload on personalized cartons, literature mailers are the way to go. Literature mailers are ideal shipping boxes for literature products such as periodicals and novels, and they are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the best size for your literature piece.

exterior tuck mailers have exterior tucks that latch onto the mailer to provide a secure seal. By using these mailers, you may also save money on packing tape. The mailer also has a double-wall cover to protect the item inside from maltreatment throughout the shipping process.

One-piece book folds are great for flat shipping objects like documents, books, periodicals, artwork, records, and so on. The design keeps the things in place while also saving space.

Corrugated bakery boxes: Bakeries and companies who distribute cakes and pastries can utilize corrugated bakery boxes. You can tailor the box to the size of the things you’re delivering to avoid smudging during the delivery procedure.

Furthermore, you can custom print your logo on the bread boxes to distinguish your packaging from the competitors. The lack of tape on the bakery boxes adds to the unboxing experience, as no one enjoys unpacking boxes fastened with tape.

Side-loading mailers: The side loading design simplifies shipping and packing. To send the merchandise on its way, close the mailers with their locking tabs. You don’t have to waste time with difficult-to-handle packaging tape.

Retail Packaging

Corrugated retail boxes are also commonly used for transporting presents, jewelry, and stationery. Depending on the item you intend to sell, you can purchase one of the following retail boxes:

Apparel boxes: Apparel boxes are the ideal type of packaging for clothing articles. Two chipboard carton pieces enable good sealing and perfect overlap in the boxes.

Gift boxes: If you own a firm that sends gifts on behalf of others. The custom mailers boxes are also suitable for retail packaging in a variety of industries. Furthermore, they are available in a number of colors, allowing you to customize and create a one-of-a-kind box.

Jewelry boxes are designed to store and transport jewelry objects such as bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, and so on. These containers are made of fiberboard with a strong liner. Each box also includes non-tarnishing jeweler’s cotton, which buyers will appreciate for storing their jewelry.

Reverse tuck boxes are ideal for delivering a variety of semi-fragile commodities. They enable you to save space and ship flat items more efficiently.

Stationery boxes: If you own a company that sells stationery, you understand how important it is to have the correct packing to facilitate shipment and improve unboxing. Stationery boxes are a wonderful way to save money on shipping and make the most of your storage space.

The Advantages Of Using Cardboard Box With Handle For Shipping

Now that you’ve learned about the many types of corrugated boxes for sale, here are a few advantages of utilizing corrugated boxes for shipping that will entice you to purchase these packaging solutions right away.

Ultimate Defense

cardboard box with handle are more robust than ordinary shipment boxes. During the shipment procedure, packages may be mishandled. Corrugated boxes are designed to resist harsh shipping circumstances while also acting as a sturdy protective layer for the items inside. The thickness of corrugated cardboard and the type of box you choose can affect its size.

Corrugated cardboard is also appropriate for most weather situations since it prevents bacteria and moisture from spoiling the contents; this is especially important for food products that must withstand lengthy transportation operations.


Corrugated boxes are the next best choice to custom packaging because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Corrugated box manufacturing does not require the use of expensive tools, and the process is not labor intensive. As a result, companies sell corrugated boxes at low prices.

Furthermore, because they are in high demand, corporations seek to sell them at low prices in order to compete.


cardboard box with handle are environmentally friendly and made of recyclable materials. As a result, by using corrugated boxes, you will generate less garbage, which may have a negative impact on the environment. Customers also want to patronize companies that promote sustainability and environmental protection.

As a result, by using corrugated packaging, you will satisfy your social obligations, build a favorable brand image, and attract more customers.


Corrugated boxes are quite adaptable. You can adjust the shape, size, and color of the boxes to suit your needs. You can also personalize your corrugated boxes by putting your company’s logo on them.

Ideal For Branding

As previously stated, you can personalize the corrugated boxes to create brand recognition for your company. Personalized packaging looks more professional and is an excellent way to wow your customers. Personalized packaging also helps develop a soft spot in your consumers’ hearts by demonstrating how much work you put into improving their unboxing experience.


Any additional weight on the item might dramatically raise shipping expenses. As a result, if you wish to reduce shipping expenses, especially for large and heavy items like furniture or equipment like refrigerators. Because of their robust and lightweight construction, cardboard box with handle can help you save money on shipping.

Additionally, employing light corrugated boxes improves the entire experience of customers receiving and unwrapping packages. Shipping charges can often deter buyers from placing an order. Customers will enjoy the lightweight corrugated boxes and be tempted to shop from you again if you waive or lower shipping rates for them.

Allow For Variability

If you’re concerned about your things becoming damaged during delivery, corrugated boxes come in a variety of sizes. Corrugated boxes can be customized with one, two, or even three corrugated walls for optimal protection.

As a result, having corrugated boxes on hand is usually a good idea because they may be used to pack a variety of things. cardboard box with handle can be cut to whatever size or form you want, and they can be taped, glued, or taped in any way you want.

These boxes have a plethora of functions. Because they can be modified or cut to any size, manufacturers can make unique packaging boxes that fully encapsulate their contents. Because of these characteristics, they are among the most customizable packaging alternatives on the market.


Corrugated boxes, unlike other shipping boxes, are easily stackable, making them perfect for storage. Furthermore, the cushioning and stacking properties of corrugated boxes give ideal protection to the package’s contents throughout transportation.

If you have a warehouse where you store your things, place them in stackable corrugated Boxes To Maximize Space.


Corrugated boxes are widely available due to their great demand. As a result, you won’t have to wait months for large volumes. These boxes are readily available in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes, so you should have no trouble finding them.

Sireprinting Offers Environmentally Friendly Cardboard Box With Handle

We hope this information has helped you decide which corrugated boxes to use for shipping your things. However, now that you know what corrugated box to use, you’re definitely looking up ‘corrugated boxes near me’ to find reliable places to buy corrugated boxes from.

We’ve made it much easier for you to choose a trustworthy packing supply business by recommending SirePrinting for all of your shipping materials. The packaging store stocks a wide variety of shipping products. Furthermore, you may view all of the corrugated boxes indicated above on SirePrinting’s website.

If You’re Wondering Why I Should Buy From Sireprinting, Here Are A Few Reasons:

We have a vast assortment of anything and everything packaging related. You can place large orders for corrugated boxes from us and expect them to arrive swiftly. If you have any questions about bulk orders or discounts, please call us at (410) 834-9965, and we will be pleased to help. A member of our customer support staff will work with you one-on-one to ensure that your account is set up on time and that you can take advantage of the wholesale benefits available to our business clients.

We Offer Speedy Shipping, And All Domestic Mailer Purchases Include Free Shipping

Secure payments: We prioritize the security of our clients’ personal information. To ensure secure online payment, we use As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about security risks such as identity theft when making online payments on our website.

Eco-friendly packaging: You will help a good cause by supporting and purchasing packaging products from us. We want to help make the world a better place by eliminating environmental damage caused by waste materials produced by businesses in the form of packaging. As a result, the majority of our products are reusable and recyclable.

Aside from corrugated boxes, our packaging store also sells a variety of shipping goods such as mailing tubes, poly bags, packing slips, stretch wrap, and so on. Moving goods, office supplies, and janitorial supplies are also available. If you have any further inquiries, please visit our FAQ section on our website, where you will find answers to frequently asked topics.

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